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(Dedicated to Children’s Day wishing a future world of lesser burden on children – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )

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A day of hope!

The Sun is shining –

Blossom of flowers is everywhere;

Birds are chirping –

Overshadowing the noise of civilized chores;

Everywhere you look –

Just sign of joy and joy and joy!


A day of re-union!

All family members together!

None working late or week-ends,

Without the excuse of illness or guests!

Just laughter and laughter and laughter so dear!


A day of recollection!

Where you were,

Where you are,

What you wanted to be,

What you have been

Just reminiscences……


A day of consciousness!

Whether we are economically better

Whether others suffering to make us fortunate

Whether we have little time for the planet

Whether we became self-centered

Whether some things may have been done differently!

Just re-evaluation…….


A day of peace!

Questioning past justification of wars!

How all or some could have been avoided!

Knowing who benefits from a war

Stopping violence everywhere

Just love and love and love!

For everybody and everything around you

Just love and love and love….

(Written: 04/01/2000, Sunnyvale, California, USA)


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