Abha Prakashan English Poems By Kolki
(About universal well being, peace and love)
As I See It, As I Feel It.....Absolutely Humane
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Bengali Poems by Kolki
POEMS BY KOLKI, ISBN 1-4251-2395-3, from Trafford or Worldwide
"Excellence in World Poetry Award 2010" from International Poets Academy
Photography- Unique moments
'Let love, mercy, and mutual understanding be the tools for 21st Century World Diplomacy'....Sayings of Kolki     (Book/E-Book)     Non-Fiction Book/E-Book by Kolki
REAL PATH TO 9 11 ISBN 9781425151676/83
Song - One World
POETRY Heavenly Song - Global Solidarity
Universal Notes Universal Celebration
Planet Earth     Teacher    Spirit Of Victoria     Song Canadian Pride     American Pride   
Apology       Pine Tree      Giving      Once Upon A Time       Spiritualism
Diplomacy        Canadian      OM (Aum)      RELIGION       Univeral God      BEST
Utopia        Patriot      A Day Of Non Violence      Song - Regain     Harmony
TRUTH        Universal Super Power         Eternal       Trinity        Meditation
What Is New Year?        What is God?         DEMOCRACY         Better World
9/11 Truth Smoking Guns       Journalist     Day of Consciousness      Free Speech
Vegetarian World         EARTH         Bunny        WISH LIST       GuRu
Violence            Palestine            Villains              Lies            Silent Media
Terrorism      WAR CRIMES       Evil Thought        Illusion       POLITICS
Multi-Faith      Song - Jingle Bells       Good Neighbour          A True Friend
      Fallen Soldier         New Patriot?          TERROR           Peace           War Like            9/11 Hijacking      War of Terror        National Security        Pro American
  Song - Life Is Simple         Santa Claus          Jesus            Daddy           Transit
Peace Activist         Remote Control Terror           Dying          Pre-Emptive
Eid-ul-Fitr         Dusshera         Diwali         Halloween          CYCLE
Offerings           Expectation             Is There A God?          Miracle        GOD
Silent God         Angels         Daniel Pearl         Son of God        Judgement  Day
Without          Secrecy        Betrayal         (gestapo) Guantanamo Bay
American Orange Revolution                International Republican Party  
Predators        Pests       Free Market Oil       OIL       Where Is NATO Now?
Unity Through Celebration          Transition         I Have A President    
Nightmares           Killings           Just Being Black         Snacks
Healthcare        Cafetaria            COFFEE          Vegetarian          Health               
      New Born       One      Two      Birthday      Anniversary     Graduation         
Inspiration        Devotion         Darkness         Renounce          Parvati
      Cry                Homey                 Beauty                        Therapy        
Marie          Dreams           Happiness              Flying          Child
              Love to Love             Valentine's Spirit            Humane Air                       
        What is love?              Love             Quest         Marriage          Radha      
COMMON GROUND               Rich                     Consciousness
    Silent Cry         Pain     Hope        PEACE NOW        True Christmas
[Why U.S. Military Shot Down Flight 93?]               Gun Control
  Lost Sound           H1B Visa        Loser         Modern Talk        Not Enslaved              
Undominated Co-Existing Heaven    Happy Occasion      9/11 Poems from Kolki
  Wonders           Homeless          Hesitation            Stranger            
                   [Cecil Rhodes's Colonizing Methodology Using Secret Societies]
Original          Confession              Smart      Another Day
  ECONOMY            Money           Tax           Statistics           False Economy
       Irreversible         Window          Mean          Spring         Fallen Leaves         
            Baptism           Churning            Covenant            Excitation
  Mantra-Yagna            Electromagnetics          Moonless        Birth Control Pills
                     [Converting Constitutional Monarchies To Democracies]
      Humane Cuisine           Kolkata(Calcutta)         9-11-Terror-Act
How active and vigilant were US Military before & on 9/11 for the success of the Coup?
Proud Citizen                   CNN's Hate Crime                  Immigrants
Why They Fight?         The Big Picture        21st Century Stake
    Village Path      UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS          Tagore                Got You
           RETURN               ASIAN UNION              BINDUSTAN
   Hijack                 New Pearl Harbour           Pilot's Nightmare           Without 9/11
             E-BOOK, Real Path To 9 11 (Truth of Remote Military Hijacking)
    Father's Day      Son      Mamma Didn't Know      Delegation        Mother's Day           
3-Strike     In Hell          Smart         Shedding        So What?       
Terrorism        Without A President         What Is Al-Qaeda?
       Victims of Alexander - The Macedonian Conqueror
   Bully          Stock Market            Economy of fear             Hegemony
Dangerous World Situation      NewPearlHarbour (9/11 Motives and Means)         
    Inconvenient Truth           Felons          Circumcision          PANDEMIC VIRUS
        Exorcist                Democratic Magic          9/11 State Crimes (Helpless Citizens)
INTELLIGENCE      Democratic Security        Allies          WAR          Body Bag
Stress                 CONFIDE              Co-Existence         Free
Natural Rhythm            Buddhism Made Simple          Ten Commandments
Dark Age                 GLOBAL ISSUES              Pollution    
Recycling         How Can We Help?         HEIR            New Year
Garbage           Pro           Expression            Visionary        Thanks      
Green Party        Conservative          Cancerous          Participatory Democracy
President's Nightmare            Super Power            Fascism           Crusades
Who am I        Why Do I Write         Thank You        Poetic Revolution
Christian's Pain           Conflict      Cross          Fittest?          Alien
Neanderthal      Day of Thinking     Worth       In Vain        Death?     Canada
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Peace Now Song
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